Why Our Program

Uncompromising Baseball

We believe our baseball development program is the best in Maryland because we coach you as a player from when you’re age 8 up to age 22. No other organization does that, nor do they provide the professional level of instruction that we do. Our coaches have backgrounds from every level of play and coaching, from youth league to high school, from college to pro. We compete solely at top levels of tournament or showcase competition and practice for those games as a team.

We visit the most competitive, local baseball tournaments with good regional competition mixed in (view our showcase tournament schedule). Our top teams go on to play in Perfect Game events. We target venues that offer the toughest competition we can find. We give players exposure that’s age appropriate. For example, our youth teams take part in rigorous tournament competition, and our older high school teams play in where they’re seen by college coaches. Dig In Baseball players get noticed. Why? Because they are prepared.

Not a Place, a Lifestyle

The route to baseball success is varied. There’s no set track. That’s why we personalize training programs. We field intensive practices, provide year-round instruction, and develop character along the way. We refine your five tools, targeted to your personality and field position. We seek to be part of your growth from youth league to college play. We get to know your strengths and weaknesses. We build on talent. We minimize shortcomings. We motivate. You’re our partner. We help you achieve your lofty goal. We encourage: Dream big! Then help you work through a plan … to make your dream real.