Camps & Clinics

For each camp or clinic, we bring in knowledgeable instructors with youth league to professional league backgrounds. We typically address improving specific skill sets, reinforcing fundamentals of the game. These instructors provide tips, feedback, and guidance, and correct or reiterate fundamental baseball skills. Players can bring this know-how home, knowing how to make adjustments. We make these camps fun and enjoyable so players appreciate what they’re doing, with a smile.


Summer Camp Skills Development Includes


  • Proper stance, stride, hip rotation
  • Contact point and follow-through
  • Balance, rhythm, and timing


  • Overall mechanics
  • Evaluating arm strength
  • Specialized throwing programs


  • Set up and positioning
  • Footwork and throwing
  • Blocking and receiving

Infield Mechanics

  • Pre-pitch set-up
  • Moving with counts/the hitter
  • Footwork, throwing, fielding position

Outfield Mechanics

  • Pre-pitch set-up
  • Moving with counts, backing up, communicating
  • Fielding in the air, on ground

Base Running

  • Knowing situations
  • Tagging up, dirtball reads
  • Getting a lead

Speed & Agility Training

  • Baseline assessment
  • Core strength improvement
  • Improvement of fast-twitch muscles

Strength Training

  • Baseline assessment based on physical limits
  • Position-specific exercises
  • Goal-driven results

The Mental Game

  • Developing plan-of-attack for offensive/defensive play
  • Knowing strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessing game situations in real-time

Camp Directors/Instructors/Counselors:

    • Steve Ballance
    • Will Frazier
    • Patrick Duffy
    • Conner Reyer
    • Brian Rourke
    • Jake Franke
    • Dan Chamberlain