College Baseball Hub


We decided to field a college team in 2012 because it was an opportunity to achieve something no Maryland baseball training, development and placement organization has—teams from grade school to college play. College players have the same needs they did in high school—needs we serve well—where do I play outside of a traditional Spring season?

Dig In Baseball’s Maryland Collegiate Baseball League team allows high school seniors and college-age players to complete 40-game schedules, beginning each June. The team plays at stadiums and fields in Montgomery, Howard and Anne Arundel counties. This program is a great adjunct to your college play. As we stress with all our programs, practices are the greatest benefit, although the teams in the league provide very competitive play on the field.

High School Prep

High school coaches, like it or not, need their players to play outside of school. They need players to keep skills fresh so that when they return in Spring, they’re ready. We can give these coaches honest evaluations of how their player progressed on our teams. Our relationships are complimentary to these coaches’ efforts and increase player skill sets.

We reach out and encourage high school coaches to do the same (although some programs are exclusive), to forge working relationships, because together, we help players achieve their college baseball goals. If a player ends up at a marquee program, that benefits everyone—the player, the high school, and Dig In Baseball—so we understand this is a partnership.

High school coaches work with players for a couple of months over 20 to 40 games, yet we work with the same players winter, fall, and summer, often close to double the number of regular season games, over 80 in all. We can provide high school coaches insight to player development. We welcome this interaction for each player’s success.

College Placement

We understand at each showcase which college scouts will attend, and when the rules allow, we chat with scouts. We provide information about players and rosters and insight on key players to watch. We follow up and ask scouts what they think of our players.

We work with high school athletes to help you narrow down your college choices and to make sure you make the right selection, suited for your skill, temperament and academic ability. We typically ask you for a list of college choices and why you picked these schools—every reason you can think of. We encourage you to visit your top picks. We ask you to narrow down your list. We get you thinking about things like class size ratios and why things like that might be important outside of the baseball program.

We keep you motivated to the reality of your choices and your academic potential. We motivate you to put all your player ammunition on the table—from your skill set to your height and weight to your grades to work ethic and character, so that when the program head calls us, we can say without a doubt: This player is a true fit.

College Team

Often players think when they play college ball that their coach will place them on an off-season team. This isn’t always the case. But playing year-round can help you as a college player advance to the professional ranks. Playing with Dig In Baseball assures that you’ll have a better shot at the big leagues, because you won’t stop improving. This program compliments what you’re trying to achieve in your college program. For high school seniors, it’s the ultimate preparation for college play.