At each level, we have a particular focus, always looking to what’s ahead. We emphasize to our players that they be scholar-athletes. Solid academics are their ticket to play wherever they want. Dig In Baseball players must be highly organized to balance the demands of school, intense practices, and weekend travel tournaments. They must be motivated to excel in every aspect of their lives. Academics must top the list.


 Youth Teams (14U and under)

Our youth teams aged 9-14 practice 2 days a week at Watkins Mill HS in Gaithersburg, MD and play either a tournament only schedule, a league schedule or a hybrid of both, depending on each individual team. This structure of games only on the weekend provides ample time and space for development of the players and also easier logistical demands for the families. We have exclusive access to both the varisity baseball (90ft diamond) and softball field (youth diamond) at Watkins Mill HS and then for all the rainy and cold days we have exclusive access to our indoor training facility.  

All of our youth teams are coached by professional, non-parent coaches, to eliminate any of the issues that may occur. Our coaches either played and coached at at least the high school level with a large majority of them having played at the collegiate level and some all the way to the Major Leagues.  

Our Youth teams start the Spring/Summer season with tryouts in November and then winter workouts once a week starting the first week of January. These once a week indoor training sessions continue all the way until the weather breaks in mid-March and we are able to go outside twice a week. The games for our Youth team start in April and continue (10-15 weekends) through mid/late July, depending on the individual teams schedule. Approximate cost for a Spring/Summer season is $1,200-$1,600 varying team to team.

The Fall season starts with tryouts in late July then practices starting late August and games starting in early September. The fall season end the first week in November with practices twice a week outside until we have to move indoors because of daylight. The approximate cost for a Fall Youth team is approximately $1,100-$1,400 varying team to team.

The primary focus for our youth teams is development. We want to teach our players the right way to play the game and also what it takes to be successful at the high school level and beyond. We don't want our players best years on the ball field to be when they are still in elementary or middle school. We want them to continue to grow and develop to reach their fullest potential on and off the field.


High School Teams (15U-18U, Freshman-Seniors)

Our High School Teams start the Summer season AFTER the high school baseball season ends in mid-late May and ends in early August. Playing a tournament only, league only or hybrid schedule with games only on the weekends and practices on Wednesdays at Watkins Mill HS and our Indoor Facility. Because of the players commitment to their high school team, they do not have formal winter workouts or training sessions as a team. But are of course encouraged to do so on their own and with their high school teams.  

The focus for our high school teams is to not only prepare them for their varsity teams but to also prepare and showcase them for prospective college scouts and coaches. 

Collegiate Summer Team

Our collegiate summer team is for those high level players currently playing in college. Our college team plays in the Maryland Collegiate Baseball League (MCBL) against other top-notch teams from the area. Our team includes players from all college levels (D1, D2, D3 and JUCO).


2021 Fall Teams