What We Offer

What separates us from other tournament-only and showcase teams is that we regularly practice as teams. This sounds funny, but it’s the norm for top teams to meet on weekends and play without practicing together. Practicing is an advantage to success. We plan to always take advantage of it.

We also have a fierce loyalty and personal connection to our players and their families. On our coaching staff, there are no figureheads (or bobble heads) and we’re available to you as parents so that we can help your player through each stage of his development and placement, from youth league to high school play, to college and beyond. We want to see our players succeed as much as you do.

We know you’re making a commitment and investment. We too, are committed. We want you to receive value for what you’re getting—real investment value—and we’re conscious of that. By making a commitment of time and money, you receive in return a real personal connection, baseball and life skills development, and exposure to tremendous opportunity.

No Sugar-Coating 

Our best interest in you as a player isn’t to sugar-coat our assessment of your ability. Oftentimes, we see players not working as hard as they should because they’ve heard too many times how good they are. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When players feel they’re better than the rest, they often don’t put in the required effort. We test and push you as a player. We tell you when you’re messing up. It’s a disservice to tell you otherwise.

We give you a venue, and you know you’ll be competing against the best players in the country. This gets you out of your comfort zone. You’ll see how you stack up against top players and top teams nationally. Baseball makes you humble, and by this experience, your humility—and desire to improve—will grow.

Tryouts Set Tone

It’s important for us to evaluate players, but we feel it’s also important in our tryout that you learn something. Our pro-style workouts by themselves help you as a player improve. We charge a small tryout fee because we see great value in them. All the feedback we’ve received is that players find them valuable, too. In fact, tryouts, while convincing us of your ability, often convince candidates that we’re the perfect baseball organization for them—you’ll always learn.

Our tryouts set the tone of Dig In Baseball’s work ethic. We run professional, college-level practices, no matter what age group. Our aggressive nature of play produces not only good players but good men. As you advance, we’ll work with you on social skills and team and coach interaction. We’ll help you be accountable for all you do, on or off the field. We teach life lessons … at every opportunity.