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Playing for Steve Ballance is a game changer! Unlike other showcase teams that simply recruit top players then rush them onto the field in hopes of gathering wins and claiming success, Steve works with players individually. He teaches players fundamentals of hitting, throwing and fielding. He doesn’t set back and watch. If he sees something that isn’t fundamentally sound, he’ll work with your son, as he did with mine. Steve brings a level of expertise and commitment not found in most high school or showcase coaches. Most of all, though, kids and parents alike enjoy playing on Steve’s teams. He’s very easy to relate to, and to work with.

Bob Schoenbauer Riva, MD, father of Ryan

I played shortstop and was 3-hole hitter on my travel team, but I’d happily bat last and play anywhere just to practice with Dig In Baseball. The tryout convinced me this was the best team I’d ever play for—it was the best baseball workout of my life.”

Van Schuler Dig In Baseball-14U Team, Gaithersburg, MD

Thank you for the hitting instruction you’ve given my son Alex, who has been playing baseball for eight years. I appreciate your ability to connect and influence a player to work hard and to develop his skills. After eight lessons, I’ve never witnessed Alex so disciplined in the batting cage. I’ve never seen his swing so consistent and I’ve never seen him have such a consistent approach each pitch. Your patient and warm manner, combined with your easy-to-understand hitting strategies and mechanics made it easy for Alex to fine-tune and improve his swing. I’m confident Alex will have a productive season at the plate and truly understand what it means to be a consistent, productive, more powerful hitter. Thanks for making a difference!

Chris Madoo Germantown, MD, parent of Alexander, Dig In Baseball-13U Team

I would like to thank you for the high-quality instruction you’ve given our son over the years. You’ve been instrumental in improving his baseball skills and abilities, and we are always amazed at how quickly you’re able to correct or adjust specific aspects of his swing or pitching technique to improve his overall performance on the field. Your encouraging demeanor and ability to challenge our son has not only improved his game, but has enriched his baseball experience and overall love for the sport.

Fred and Kristen Carey Urbana, PA, parents of Sean, Dig In Baseball-13U Team

Will Frazier can be described in two words: The best! I went into a hitting slump the beginning of my junior year of high school. I went to Will for a lesson, as I have since I was 12. Will worked on my swing but also built back my confidence. He told me to forget what happened in the past few weeks, that my season started at my next game. I felt good when I left that lesson. At my next high school game, as it would happen, I went out and hit three homeruns. I broke the school record of two homeruns in a game and tied the state record for most home runs in one game and two in one inning. After the game, the first person I called was Will. Will is one of the best hitting instructors in the mid-Atlantic region. I’ll be playing college baseball next year and to this day I carry the confidence and fundamentals I learned through Coach Will.

Brandon Henderson Gaithersburg, MD; infielder, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH

My son has been taking private hitting lessons with Will throughout the years and we’ve found him to be a wonderful instructor who works well with the player in helping develop the skills and confidence needed in the game of baseball. After every lesson, I notice an improvement in my son’s mechanics, attitude, and self confidence. Will has patience and a sense of humor, along with the ability to teach at any age level. I always have appreciated how well he works with my son.

Zoila Holzer Hyattsville, MD, mother of Andreas

Coach Will Frazier has been vital to my development not only as a baseball player but as a person. The two years I played for Coach Will I’ll forever regard as the greatest years of my life, solely because of baseball and how he ran the team. Coach Will made baseball the most fun thing to me and my teammates. Practice became what I looked forward to each school week, and championship games were all I could think of on Friday nights as my family drove me to tournaments. Coach Will is a great mentor as well. If he wasn't talking about baseball, Coach was making sure everyone stayed on top of their school work. He urged us to make the right decisions on and off the field. Coming from Coach Will, you knew the advice was straight from his heart.

Kane Hassan Washington, DC, junior, Maret School, Washington, DC

Our son has worked with Will for over a year. In that time, his baseball skills, and importantly, his confidence in playing baseball at the high school level have markedly increased. He always looks forward to his lessons, and feels that he has made a friend as well as gained a great mentor.

Gabriela Green Bethesda, MD, mother of Josh

Since Patrick began taking formal weekly batting lessons from Will (starting in January 2009), he has gone from being an average hitter to one of the best hitters on his team. He had an outstanding 12U season, capped by the Cooperstown Dreams Park Championship, won by him and his Olney Pirates team over 102 teams from 25 states and Canada. Thanks to Will's guidance, he easily made the transition to hitting on the bigger field at 13U. The best part of Will’s instruction is that he not only works on the mechanics of hitting, but also the mental aspects of batting and all of the ancillary things required to be a well-rounded, successful baseball player. I’d highly recommend Will’s program to anyone serious about the sport who wants to take their game to the next level!

Susan Lightner Gaithersburg, MD, mother of Patrick

Our two sons, age 14 and 10, play baseball both on recreational and select/tournament teams. We’ve known Will for four years and credit him with their desire to always strive for the next level. He has interacted with them as a hitting instructor and often as a ‘counselor’ when it’s time for tryouts. He’s great at physical training but also at the skills needed to ‘get your head in the game.’ Both boys have gone to him for a pep talk about strategy before an important game or tryout. He’s patient and calm and a pro at positive reinforcement. We've never heard him say “don’t do that, do this.” It’s always positive instruction.

Melissa and Andrew Hyman Boyd’s, MD, parents of Dylan and Ryan

My son has been working with Will for five years, and wouldn't consider going to anyone else. His improvement over this period has been tremendous, and his understanding of the game has increased dramatically. Will’s a tremendous coach in all aspects of the game.

Steve Salem Damascus, MD, father of Alex

Will Frazier is the consummate professional hitting instructor with a true passion for teaching. Will stays 110% focused during instruction time, observing all facets of his student’s hitting, and offering continual guidance on areas of improvement. He offers great encouragement to kids of all ages and knows exactly the level at which to communicate. I've used his services for my two sons over the past four years and have recommended him to several other families who now work with him.

Michael Pollack Rockville, MD, father of Alexander and Gabriel

Matthew has learned a great deal under your instruction over the past four months. He responded immediately to your simplified approach to hitting and natural teaching style, as you have a knack for breaking down a swing for all ages. You take great care to ensure you didn’t greatly alter his natural swing style. You focused instead on what matters most—the player’s positioning at point of contact. Matthew really improved in such a short time with you, and we are fortunate that we found you when we did. We look forward to continuing to get to the next level!

Ken Raker Derwood, MD, father of Matthew

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